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Our company, ŞİTOĞLU, having started the production thereof in Malatya province in 1996 in a small area of 200 square meters, currently continues the production activities thereof with approximately 120 employees and in an area of 20,000 square meters, 9,000 square meters of which is covered area. Our company is the only company in Turkey which has made its investments only on the field of molasses. ŞİTOĞLU has gained a significant place both in the national and international markets currently by producing 100% natural products such as mulberry, grape, apricot, carob and date molasses in addition to broadening its range of products by producing pomegranate syrup, tahini and soy sauce, jam varieties as well as halva varieties. ŞİTOĞLU has become a pioneer in sales of mulberry molasses on shelves of national and local supermarkets in our day which was sold in local markets before ŞİTOĞLU has started production in 1996.

Our company, having the largest syrup production factory of Turkey in which production is performed through usage of the state of the art technology currently has a production and marketing capacity of 50 tonnes per day. Our company, which has commenced its production process first by producing mulberry molasses, subsequently has added carob molasses, apricot molasses, grape molasses, date molasses, tahini, pomegranate syrup sauce, soy sauce, jam group consisting of 10 jam varieties and halva to its product range and offers products in line with Turkey's traditional taste. Our company aims to further develop its product range.

Inasmuch as our product range covers traditional products, our production is mainly is based on manpower; however packing of molasses, jams, tahini, halvah and sauce groups are currently made via production untouched by human hands using the latest technology in our plants.

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